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"Break The Cycle"



I play modern Folk Music with a blend of 1950-1960 soul filled vocals.
I grew up surrounded in both music and art. The Folk Music Center (the store my grandparents built) has instruments, sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs from all around the world. It is an institution of creativity.
When I took up sculpture the medium spoke to me. I was able to create anything and everything I could imagine with relative ease. Teaching, is also something that comes naturally to me. As humans we are here for such a finite period of time, so we are only able to capture a finite amount of information. How we pass that knowledge from one individual to the next determines the shape the thoughts will take root as and transform into. If you grow up in a rough neighborhood with rough people you usually have rough thoughts. On the other hand, if you grow up in a gentle community with a gentle people you generally have gentle thoughts. I spent every day after school growing up in the Folk Music Center. It was a creative community filled with liberal politics, creativity and love.
In my mid thirties I reached a point where the message I wanted to transmit through my art could no longer take the form of a tangible three dimensional object. I needed to reach deeper into people’s minds to make a more profound impact, so I switched from my sculpture of a solid tactile three dimensional object, bronze; to an ephemeral three dimensional object, sound waves. So I technically I’m still sculpting, it’s just that now the sculptures enter you through your ears, sound waves making the hairs in your ears dance, so that the shape of the sculpture can take place in your minds eye, as opposed to the actual eyes as my traditional sculptures do.
I have an entire family of inspiration. My grandmother Dorothy Chase could play anything with strings. As a child, that blew my mind. My mother and both my brothers are insanely talented multi instrumentalists. And, if you have ever spent long periods of time in a music store you will know, the customers come in and play music all day. I was as inspired by the terrible ones as much as I was the great ones. Learning what not to do is as important as learning what to do.
As a Musician I am very excited about getting out into the crowds, instead of this winter tour and interacting with the audience, talking to people after the shows, learning bits and pieces of the cultures and the languages of the countries I attend.

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